Mmmm (oatmealcremepie) wrote in petit_gateau_x,

Sesame Street Cupcakes

Hi! I just joined, I have SUCH a weakness for cupcakes. I currently live in a dorm so I am without an oven to create petit gateau (since college kids set fire to everything, including water haha) but in a couple months I am moving into a house with gasp a kitchen!

I wondered if anyone else ever went to the supermarket bakery or their local bakery and ever have a fondness for the sesame street cupcakes. They would have piles and piles of sky high frosting in the most vibrant colors of various characters. I speak so eloquently about those cupcakes, but it seems they have disappeared :( (atleast around here anyway) Everyone's afraid of sugar now. I wondered if anyone else shared this passion for these chracter cupcakes. This summer I will attempt to recreate the magic.

Very awesome community.
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